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Current Health Events Regarding Respiratory Syncytial Virus

According to new studies and news from the current health events, it has been found that RSV or respiratory syncytial virus is very common among people of all ages and it can create wheezing and pneumonia in many cases. According to the latest information, millions of people of all age groups visit hospitals to get treated against this virus on yearly basis. Children under the age of 5 are highly affected by this disease and emergency cases are rising more and more now days.

The amount of cases of RSV is increasing very much and it is proving to be a very contagious virus which spreads easily through coughs and sneezes. It has a very good life and you can get infected by just touching a door knob or a countertop that is infected.

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RSV is very common in the winter months and children going to school can bring the virus home and pass it on to the rest of the family. In adults, this virus is not so problematic and it is treated like a common flu, however, in children and infants this can become very dangerous at times.

The best way to try to prevent the virus from spreading is to have a very hygienic environment in your home. Hand washing plays a very important role in making sure that these viruses don't get transmitted through touch as well. Current health events give us a lot of feedback on the options that we have to keep our family away from these viruses. It is specially recommended to try and keep elderly children who are having cold like symptoms away from the younger ones; however, sometimes this is easier said than done.

It is however very important to take care of the symptoms of RSV and to keep a close watch on your children as well. If you see any symptoms like high fever, thick discharges from the nose that is yellow, green or gray and cough that seems to be getting worse or problems trying to breathe, then it is very important to contact your doctor immediately and get the proper treatment as these symptoms can worsen very fast in small children.

One of the preventive methods of RSV is through injection of antibodies to fight the virus. However, the span of these antibodies is very low and you have to give the injections on regular basis. Current health events have encouraged the use of these antibodies in children that are having recurring infections of RSV in order to keep them away from the dangers that this virus can create in their health.

Current Health Events Regarding Respiratory Syncytial Virus

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