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Men's Health - Exercise Program to Lose Man Boobs

Cardiovascular exercises are an essential piece of a healthy life regimen. Your level of fitness is irrelevant. Cardio is essential. To lose man boobs naturally one must incorporate some exercise into the overall strategy.

We are all unique. Each of us has a diverse set of factors which define our level of fitness and health. These include sex, age, weight, history etc. Accordingly, one set of cardio exercises does not fit all. Ergo, the thousands of training programs currently hustled on TV, in print and on the internet.

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Beyond our starting point, there is another consideration which is even more important and often is ignored by the 'fitness gurus' altogether. What are your personal goals?

-lose weight

-heart and lung conditioning

-endurance conditioning

-muscular tone and fitness

-more muscle

-and so on?

What are you focusing on?

-burning off existing fat

-toning existing muscle

-building new muscle

-becoming more flexible?

If you are significantly overweight (20% over ideal weight), then you need to focus on starting a routine of activity.

Here is a great starting point. Little progress in your fitness can be achieved if you are not breathing properly. There is a simple reason for this. You need dissolved oxygen in your blood not only to survive, but also to produce energy. In plainer terms, oxygen burns 'something' to provide the energy required for the exercise.

Hey Mike, this is nothing new, this is same old, same old...

Alright consider this, if your body only burns the food you eat to produce energy, how can you lose weight? Not only that, if your body does not burn all of the food you eat to produce energy, then you will put on weight as your body stores the food for use later.

This is the logic that is behind the design of the calorie deficient diets. Burn more calories than you eat, lose weight.

There are two major problems with this type of logic.

1. we are all lazy.

2. the human body is smart and knows how to protect itself from exhaustion, starvation and any other threat.

Wait a minute Mike. I am not lazy, I signed up for that aerobics class.

Well that's great, but here's the point. By establishing a set diet, you have trained your body to expect a certain caloric intake and on a predictable basis. Even more important, your body now expects a certain caloric outgo through exercise again on a predictable basis.

Your body will do whatever it needs to protect itself. It will store energy against the peak demands made by your aerobic classes. It will do whatever is necessary to protect itself against what it perceives as a threat to the status quo.

The human body has the ability through hormones to decelerate or accelerate a large number of bodily functions. One common example of a response is the production of adrenalin during physical threats, another would be cortisol during stress.

Hold on, I am not telling you to stop regular exercise. But it is necessary for you to understand how your body operates to protect itself.

This should be your AHA moment.

This is why you have fought so hard to lose the odd pound.

This is why you cannot keep the weight off.

Despite your good intentions, your body was fighting you every step of the way. Not because it did not want to be slimmer or fitter, but because it perceived your efforts as a threat.


Now we need a strategy to circumvent the body's defense system, actually we want to take advantage of it to achieve our goals.

Men's Health - Exercise Program to Lose Man Boobs

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