Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Juice Plus - Fraud Or Legit? - Juice Plus Review

Health is today's big craze. It seems like every day a new health food product is coming out onto the market. Health food stores have popped up around the whole nation selling everything a person needs to help them look and feel their best. Some of these companies have structured themselves as multi level marketing companies. So instead of having a store where people can go and physically purchase items they have distributors that sell their products and make a commission from their sells. One of the new companies that emerged as of late, 1993 to be exact, is called Juice Plus.

Juice Plus specializes in dietary supplements containing concentrated fruit and vegetable juice extracts prepared with added vitamins and nutrients. The supplements are advertised as "the next best thing to fruits and vegetables."

Health Plus

The idea behind the product is that people will be able to use these fruit and vegetable supplements in place of eating fruits and vegetables. Now there is no substitute for real fruits and vegetables, but Juice Plus does provide some of the nutritional value that you get from these foods.One of the most difficult things for people when it comes to health is getting the proper amounts of fruits and vegetables in their diets, making the product quite appealing.

The company has two primary products. They are: "Orchard Blend" and "Garden Blend". Orchard Blend is a fruit/vitamin juice and Garden Blend is a vegetable juice. Both products are powder based, and they are sold together. Other Juice Plus supplement products include "Vineyard Blend" which is a grape/berry powder based juice. Along with their powder based drinks Juice Plus also sells vitamin gummies, chewable tablets, wafers, meal replacement powders, and a vitamin formulation for dogs and cats.

As mentioned above the company uses a multi level marketing structure. Their products are sold by distributors who have to buy into the company for a small price. Distributors earn a commission from each of their sells. Distributors are also encouraged to do a great deal of recruiting; they receive overrides from their recruits sells.

The business opportunity within Juice Plus is similar to that of any multi level company today. To create success within the MLM industry you will need to recruit friends and family, attend and promote hotel meetings, attend and promote product parties, attend and promote home presentations and attend company sponsored seminars. Although the company provides good services and products, the actual reality of a normal person making any sort of profit is very small. It would take hundreds of people, a lot of time, and the proper skill and knowledge to achieve your financial goals.

I believe Juice Plus to be a good company that produces great products, however, I have chosen not to work for the company due to its multi level marketing structure. I think that it is incredibly difficult for a person to have success within any multi level marketing company.

Juice Plus - Fraud Or Legit? - Juice Plus Review

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