Monday, October 3, 2011

Crystals And Gems For Health and Healing

Crystals and gems are the gifts of the earth to us humans, and they have been admired and loved for as long as humans walked the earth. The variety of crystals and gemstones out there is staggering. They come in all shades of color, in different weights and density, in different crystallization forms, and from every corner of the globe. But a feature of crystals is their ability to heal ailments, and alternative healers have long sought out these unique qualities of crystals for this purpose.

It is believed that the molecules and electrons of crystals are in a constant state of flux, and if they are stimulated, either through heat or vibration, will release energy in the form of electromagnetic currents. So, in other words, crystals and gems modulate and convert energy from one form (external stimuli) into electromagnetic energy.

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But what has electromagnetic energy got to do with human beings? Well, it is long known that the human being is not just made of flesh and blood, but also has an energy counterpart. This energy counterpart of humans is called a number of names, such as the etheric body, aura, chi, or prana. And it is established that the unseen energy counterpart of humans is made up of mostly electromagnetic energy. This unseen energy body is governed to a large extent by thoughts, emotions, and also overall body health. When we feel good, our energy radiates outwards even more; when we feel down, it contracts. And, it seems that crystals also do have a significant amount of influence upon this energy counterpart of our beings.

More and more, Western science is only beginning to understand that many Eastern beliefs do have a sound logical basis. Take acupuncture for example. This ancient healing system from China is based wholly on manipulating the energy currents which are believed to flow around a network of circuits throughout the body. These circuits convene in certain areas to form hubs, and these hubs are considered vital areas of energy, or chi. Acupuncture is based upon nothing more than assumed energy, but it has proven itself in so many situations of illness that many doctors became converts, and now believe (and practice) acupuncture. The ancient Indians also had a similar system, and they called these energy hubs as chakras.

These chakras were believed to control a number of organs in their surrounding area which corresponds to a certain vibration rate. Therefore, if the chakras were healthy and functioning well, so would the organs, and vice versa. These Eastern beliefs adopted a synergistic or holistic outlook on all aspects of health. They believe that no part of the body is independent of the other parts; all are actually interlinked and connected.

Crystals influence the energy counterpart of the human being by clearing the chakras/energy points of stale energy, and helping the whole system to work better. They also assist in dilating a chakra, in order to receive more vital energy from all sources. By expanding the chakras, the body absorbs more external energy from the universe. Hence, that is the reason why crystals have the ability to heal or improve ailments and increase the health of the physical body.

Finally, crystals attract light waves that correspond to their particular color. A crystal that is blue will attract blue light waves to itself. It is widely believed that colors heal. So, having a certain color in your energy field can help you if you have a particular need of a particular color - at a particular time. In crystal healing, much of the underlying philosophy is based upon working with colors and improving the vibrations of the person or environment. It's both a fascinating and timeless source of fascination for someone who wishes to explore the world of crystals rather more than just regarding them as static pieces of rock.

Crystals And Gems For Health and Healing

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